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Embark on a transformative beauty journey with Sandra, a seasoned makeup artist whose expertise has been honed under the guidance of world-renowned professionals.

Picture this: a personalised makeup lesson crafted just for you, designed to empower and elevate. Whether you're yearning for everyday elegance or dreaming of launching a career in the glamorous world of makeup artistry, my lessons are tailored to embrace your unique aspirations.

Whether you're looking to improve your everyday elegance or dreaming of launching a career in the glamorous world of makeup artistry, our lessons cater to both private clients seeking a personal touch and future makeup artists aspiring to make their mark in beauty industry.

investment: 250€

1-ON-1 lessons

Step into a realm where makeup becomes more than just a routine, it becomes an art, a form of
self-expression. Redefine your beauty narrative, embrace your uniqueness, and let the transformative power of makeup lead you to newfound confidence and self-love. Your beauty journey begins here.

• 5h one on one makeup lesson, customised to your everyday needs and lifestyle
• Detailed makeup training book, with all of the theory to refer back to
• Custom colour face chart
• Shopping list of makeup products


investment: 2120€

professional masterclass

• 3 months of guided mentorship with Sandra
• 10 lessons of practical work (80h)
• Business module (15h)
• Branding module (15h)
• Shopping list for your professional makeup kit

Imagine gaining not only skill but also confidence, as you delve into the artistry of makeup under the careful mentorship of someone who has walked the same path. Sfumato masterclass lessons are more than just tutorials; they are a doorway to self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking your true artistry potential.


* Payment plans for professional masterclass available.




Make your special moments unforgettable with our exceptional makeup and hairstyling services for weddings and events. Sandra is a seasoned makeup artist with 15 years of experience and has trained with world-renowned professionals. She and her team of professional makeup artists and hair stylists ensure a cohesive and stunning look, tailored to your unique vision. From weddings to parties, let us transform your special day into a visual masterpiece, capturing the essence of elegance and joy.




Sandra is a highly experienced and internationally trained makeup artist and crafts flawless looks that shine under the scrutiny of high-definition cameras. Offering exclusive makeup and hairstyling services for fashion editorials, commercials, video projects campaigns to video content creation.  Since 2019 she's been leading also a SFUMATO MAKEUP AGENCY of experienced makeup artists and hairstylists, all working in different fields of beauty industry, allowing them to take on even the most challenging projects. Trust in their 15 years of experience to make your photoshoots and campaigns truly stand out.




DO & GO FEE: 200€
• Includes makeup and hairstyle 2h 
(travel fee not included & added separately)

• Includes makeup and hairstyle with 6h of presence ( 1/2 day on set ; doing the look is included in the 6h)

DAY FEE: 400€
• Includes makeup and hairstyle 11h of presence on set (whole day on set)

All services are custom tailored to your project needs. These are only a few of services. Of course, the changes or additional services are possible, so if you have special wishes, I will be happy to prepare an individual offer.

Bigger productions are custom tailored to your project needs and done upon previous agreement. 

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Praise Hands

MAKEUP ARTISTS I had the pleasure to work with."

Sandra is one of the best makeup artist I know and I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with her over 8-9 years ago. Our collaboration has been an great journey of beauty and creativity that shows no sign of slowing down.
What sets her apart is her unparalleled dedication to perfection. Her meticulous approach extends beyond the makeup itself; she recognizes the uniqueness of every face, and it's this understanding that transforms her makeup looks into true works of art. It's not just about applying makeup; it's about enhancing individual beauty, highlighting distinctive features, and creating a customised look for each client.


"Sfumato BUSINESS MASTERCLASS  was the best decision for
my business!"

I was on Sandra's business masterclass and I have to say this was by far the best decision for my business. She is truly an expert for everything that I need to know. From client service, marketing, setting your own prices to work organisation. She is very professional and very inspiring. She makes you work hard for your goals and help you know your worth, this masterclass helped my business so much! I can't even tell how much I appreciate her. If you are looking for some upgrade in your work life (and personal growth), Sandra is a way to go!✨



"Sandra did an evening make-up and hairstyle for me for a very special event (ELLE Style Awards) and I've could not have been happier. The look was amazing and complimented many times as well as it stayed fresh through the evening. On top of that during the makeup session Sandra made me feel very calm and special, it was a pleasant experience that I recommend to anyone on their special occasion."



"After a couple of years as a self-taught makeup artist, I decided to upgrade my makeup skills and Sandra's makeup masterclass was everything I needed! We have processed everything that a make-up artist needs at the beginning of his journey or even after a few years of work. From the pure basics (hygiene, set etiquette, colour theory, skincare, make-up according to the shape of the face, eyes,...) to more specific topics (make-up for different ethnic groups, men grooming, mature skin make-up, fashion make-up, wedding make-up, airbrush) and on and on. I was very grateful for all the practical work or models, because that's how I learned the most. But if I really had to point out something, it is the knowledge of the business of makeup and marketing, which no makeup school in our country offers to such an extent. I did not only gain knowledge, but also a lot of self-confidence. Sandra is a great role model and I am glad that I could be her student."


"My look was tailored to me and beyond my wildest imagination, warmly recommend, for both hair and make up!"

"Words alone cannot express my gratitude for Sandra and her team, who is the embodiment of perfection, calmness, and humour. She has the ability to know precisely what style, colour and shade suits her bridal clients - her experience shines through with each touch. My look was tailored to match both my outerwear and the environment and was simply beyond my wildest imagination. Thanks to Sandra and her team we had an absolutely unforgettable beauty experience, my bridesmaids and myself!"


"I'm a wedding photographer and sandra is definitely my first choice!"

"I am a wedding photographer and have been working closely with Sandra from Sfumato Makeup since 2015. I share her enthusiasm for weddings and fashion. There are make-up artists a dime a dozen - the same can probably be said for photographers too :) - but it's rare to find someone who loves and lives their job 110%. I think it's not only important that the bride looks good, I think it's even more important that she feels good too. We care far too much about appearances - if you're looking for a make-up artist, that's probably the right thing to do, but you shouldn't forget that a wedding isn't a "shoot", not just an "event" for which you quickly make yourself pretty. It's a very intimate and emotional thing. Thanks to years of experience in the wedding business, she is also prepared for unforeseen moments and always surprises me with the things hidden in her emergency bag. :) She is definitely my first choice.